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How It All Started

After spending years in Human Resources, GFC Founder, Jada Willis saw first-hand the lack of support and authentic connection that women at all levels were experiencing. She has always had a natural ability to solve problems and matchmake like-minded people.

Jada was reminded of the power of relationships in 2021 when she was going through her own divorce. She picked four of her female friends that didn’t know each other, put them into a group text and called them the, “Crisis Crew.” From that day on, this group of women rallied around each other in challenging times, celebrated each other’s win’s, prayed for each other, gave advice, drank too much wine, traveled, and even supported each other’s careers.

Even on the bad days, Jada’s love for encouraging, supporting, and uplifting people shines through.

Recognizing the universal need for a personal “Crisis Crew” and a nurturing space for authentic relationships across life’s various seasons, she envisioned the Grow Forward Community.

The Grow Forward Community is a haven that:

  • Guides individuals through high-stakes decision-making.
  • Empowers every woman to aspire for better, acknowledging that better is possible. 
  • Provides opportunities for learning and growth without imposing expectations or judgment.
  • Ensures that each woman feels seen, heard, and valued.

GFC stands out as a unique sanctuary where professional women can set aside their capes, fostering a sense of belonging and ensuring they never face their battles alone again.

Jada’s Crisis Crew

Meet Our Team

Jada Willis

Founder & Chief Growth Instigator

Jada Willis, a Growth & People Strategist, helps business owners and founders transition from survival to scaling. As the Founder of JW Consulting, an Executive Consulting & Strategic Planning firm, she is a CEO Mentor that specializes in overcoming operational obstacles and building scalable infrastructure.

Previously, as Founder and CEO of Willis HR, Jada sold a successful HR Consulting firm in 2022, drawing on her 18 years of experience in Fortune 100 companies and small businesses.

Jada is dedicated to empowering business owners through resources, connections, and expertise. She’s a Contributing Writer for Entrepreneur Magazine, hosts the B2B: Back to Business Podcast, and is author of the book, “Pantsless Nation: HR Guidance for Mastering Remote Work.”

Rebekah Gawiniski

Growth & Community Expert

Our new members will love speaking with Rebekah, she will be instrumental in new member onboarding, programming, billing functions, and bringing the energy at pop-up events.

Rebekah, a true dynamo, presently holds the position of Chief Operating Officer and Co-Owner at Southern Edge Tile, headquartered in Columbia, SC. Her remarkable journey is a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit, forged through a multifaceted background encompassing professional athleticism and a thriving career in sales and operational management.

Rebekah’s remarkable sporting journey saw her representing the University of South Carolina in the realm of golf, eventually propelling her into a successful professional golf career.

When not busy delivering exceptional flooring, deck, and tile services alongside her husband, Tom, Rebekah remains deeply committed to their roles in a local nonprofit organization, Range Fore Hope. Her heart beats for uplifting others, forging meaningful connections, and contributing to the creation of stronger and more vibrant communities.

“If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together."

African Proverb

Building a community truly takes a village.

There are several individuals who contribute in great ways to the success of each member and the ongoing sustainability of the Grow Forward Community.

If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are here for YOU!

Let's connect.